Local Phone Number Forwarding

Get a local phone number that forwards to your cell phone or landline.

  • Simple, 1-minute sign up
  • Only $5.99/month for 100 minutes
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Forward to any US phone number

Find local phone numbers with a specific area code.
The phone number that will most frequently be calling your new local number. For example, the phone number of your call box or the person who will be calling you.
Find local numbers centered within a specific postal code.

How It Works

Local Number Forwarding for Callbox

Easy Setup & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Save Money

Save hundreds of dollars per year compared to physical landlines or other forwarding services.

Save Time

Sign up instantly in minutes, not days. Our easy web sign-up process is the fastest way to get a local phone number.

Full Transparency

Full call logs. No hidden fees or taxes.

Full Control

No contracts, cancel anytime. Free and easy to change numbers if you move or get a new phone.


Turbo Number — phone forwarding made simple.

Simplicity starts with our clear and straightforward plan.
$ 5.99 /month

100 Pre-Paid Rollover Minutes Of Forwarding To Any US Phone

Additional Minutes from $0.05

Forward To Up 2 Different Phone Numbers

14-day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Cancel Anytime

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this an actual landline?

No, this isn't a physical landline. It's a virtual phone number that acts like a local number for receiving calls.

Can I dial out from this phone number?

No, this phone number is only for receiving phone calls.

What caller ID will show up on my phone?

By default, you will see the caller ID of the person calling you. The call forwarding through your local number is completely transparent to both you and people calling you. You also have the option of setting it to always display your call forwading number so that you can easily tell it's a forwarded call.

What number will callers see?

They will only see the local number you purchase from us and share with them. When they call you, they will never know that the call is forwarding to your private cell phone or landline.

What kind of phones can this forward to?

You can have your new local number forward to any US cell phone or landline.

Can I forward to a fax number?

Yes. Faxes to your local number will be forwarded to your existing number transparently.

Can I change my local number?

Yes, if the local number you initially sign up with isn't to your satisfaction, you can choose a different local number at no extra charge.

How do pre-paid minutes work?

Pre-paid minutes are deducted based on usage of your forwarding numbers. When your account reaches zero pre-paid minutes, your forwarding numbers are suspended until more pre-paid minutes are added to your account.

Do pre-paid minutes expire?

Yes. Pre-paid minutes expire 1 year from when you receive them.

How much do pre-paid minutes cost?

We have 3 pre-paid minutes bundles:

  • 5 cents/minute, 500 minutes ($25)
  • 7 cents/minute, 250 minutes ($17.50)
  • 9 cents/minute, 100 minutes ($9)